Tuesday 7 July 2009

Brian Who?

Brian Bolland, legendary 2000AD Artdroid has most of his covers to look at here. Please do yourself a favour and spend a few happy hours drooling over them! I recently wrote to Brian and he told me he has a John Wagner-written fatties story in his desk waiting to be drawn. Can we force him to do it at gunpoint?

Here is the wonderful Synthetti Men cover of prog 216, he must have spent absolutely hours on those pieces of spaghetti, amazing!

Iconic Eagle reprint of Judge Death for the US market:

Another great American reprint cover (he actually did more US reprint covers than he did 2000AD covers) featuring Dredd about to be fed into Pa Angel's Mark One Super Scream Torture Machine...

Orlok the Assassin finally gets his comeuppance in Prog 1336:

Remember, you can click on all images to see larger versions. In my dreams I own all of the pieces of artwork in this post!

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