Wednesday 28 January 2015

The Brothersss Grimm...

Oh my life, cover artist of the year Greg Staples is back with a cover to chill you to the bone! Death and his brothers, up close and personal... he just has to put his hand in and ssssqueeze! I wrote to Greg, enthusing about the amazing job he'd done on the cover and he wrote back saying it was "A fairly quick one!" Sheesh!

We are just over the half way point in Dark Justice and things are starting to get really scary - with Dredd and co trapped in space with the Dark Judges, what nefarious plans await them? Those who attended LSCC last year may recall that John Wagner cryptically teased that at the end of this strip "Dredd might not win..." Hmmm, I'm a little worried.

Greg kindly sent some production snaps from his studio, below is his under painting, wow!

Mortis does a lovely manicure.

Here is some nice detail...

"Jusssst cough ssssssir..."
And Death's cheeky grin, aw, what a sweetie...

Oh that Death, always taking sssselfies!

Here's it is with the colour applied...

I think Sydney needs some Plaqueaway toothpaste ASAP.

And how the breath taking piece looks on Greg's easel, wowzers!

"Sigh...Okay then Sydney, just one more time - This little piggy went to market..."

And finally, how the Prog looks on your shelf, creepy!

Huge thanks to Greg for taking time out of his busy schedule to send those fantastic images, we are very lucky squaxx! 

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