Saturday 2 August 2014

INJ Culbard - "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Oh dear, I hope that Sabrefin has had a breath mint! INJ is back with another perfectly composed cover which is simultaneously sweet and terrifying as the crew of the Nominal Charge continue their mission in 'The Deeps!' 

An easy one this, according to Mr Culbard, he says "The brief was pretty clear and straight forward. Giant, razor toothed angler fish, Wren and Sept stood in the foreground with their backs to us, holding hands." Oh yes, easy, a giant angler fish, that old chestnut!

Below is Ian's first attempt at a rough...

Say "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!" 

He continues, "The roughs were really just a question of scale, because everything was very much an 'exactly-what-you-see-on-the-tin' response"

Wren couldn't help but think that Sept had rushed into buying their new house... 

And here's the final image all inked up and coloured, fantastic!

The Harry Ramsden's challenge was getting out of hand... 

And finally the prig as it looks on your shelf, lovely interaction between the logo and the lighting on the image.

Perhaps Sept's choice of venue for the second date was a bit off...

Thanks again to Ian for sending the flotsam and jetsam for this mightily impressive cover. Remember, Brass Sun os currently being collected in American sized reprints and are very highly recommended!

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