Saturday 18 May 2013

Carlos Ezquerra - Apocalypse Now!

"Request denied"

Dredd gets his retaliation in first with this breathtaking cover that will have fans of The Apocalypse War, arguably the most popular Dredd epic ever, foaming at the mouth! The cover is by Dredd's daddy himself, the great Carlos Ezquerra and is for the fantastic IDW Carlos Ezquerra Collection Vol 1.

Not only did Carlos create the country's most prominent comic character, he is the only artist to have single handedly drawn FOUR of Dredd's mega epics (Apocalypse War, Necropolis, Inferno and Origins.) Carlos has also produced more 2000AD covers than any other artist. Legend doesn't even begin to describe the man!   

On to the cover. Below is the rough - a battered and beaten Dredd with Stub Gun in hand, having just dispatched a Strato V... 

"Let the Apocalypse begin!"

Magnificent inks, complete with famed Carlos jaggedy bits!

Sliced through it like munce.

And that beautiful coloured version again. What a brilliant piece of design, I'm loving the clean look of these IDW collected editions.

And here's how the standard version will look on your shelf...

Those with bigger bank balences might want to go for the Red or Blue label collections which look absolutely beautiful, find out more here.

All this is talk of the Apocalyspe war is making me very nostalgic, so how about a look at Carlos' covers for this fine epic? Let the Apocalypse begin with the cover of Prog 245, which kicked off the holocaust...

 The time has come to push the button... Vaporise!

Five issues and millions of deaths later, the Sovs were ready to invade...
 You dirty Diktaorats!

Best picture I could find of Prog 254, one of my favourites ever!

Hmmm, I always expected the Cycops Phylon TX Laser to make a better noise than 'Pzzooo!'

And we go full circle as we return to the mighty Stub gun...
 "Slice those Creeps!"

Thanks to my pal Iian on the 2000AD Messageboard we have these two fantastic prelims from the collected versions of the Apocalypse War... 

Total Nuke Out!

 C'Mon Everybody! Let's do the Apocalyspo!

Finally, Carlos is currently taking on commissions for a very reasonable price. Here's Iian's fine Apocalypse War themed one. If you want a personalised commission by the mighty Carlos, you can contact him through his Facebook page. There are also two stunning galleries of his commissions to salivate over!
 "Niet! Neit!"

Thank you to Carlos for sending the images for a truly breathtaking cover!

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  1. Awesome behind the scenes glimpse into Carlos's art process. Nice one, gents.