Sunday 10 March 2013

Simon Davis - London's Burning!

Another beautifully cinematic cover by the brilliant SB Davis. Prog 1822 saw the penultimate episode of the current Savage arc, with Bill and his band of insurgents battling to take London from the occupying Volg forces.

Below is Si's fully painted rough. I love these little A5 masterpieces, they're so full of energy!

And again, the finished piece, stunning...

Finally, the prog cover as it appeared on your shelf, you slaaaags!

I'm sure many of you will be aware by now that it looks like Simon will be illustrating the next major Slaine story (to find out more, check out the brilliant Pat Mills interview from the ECBT2000AD boys.) Personally, I think he's an inspired choice. I'm sure his lush paintings and amazing characterisation will really give the stories the touch of grandeur the character has enjoyed from the likes of Bisley, McMahon, Fabry and Langley.

Below is a sketch Simon did for fan Steve Longdon at Thought Bubble last year, it captures the character absolutely perfectly and has got me desperate to see more!

Thanks to Simon for sending the images, be sure to visit his site at 

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