Wednesday 30 May 2012

Prog 1785 - The Scarlet Carlos

Sneck, what a hot dog! Rejoice Earthlets, King Carlos Ezquerra has returned to the Prog! The legendary artist is returning to one of his most endearing creations, the Strontium Bitch, Miss Durham Red. Carlos has teamed up with Alan Grant to bring us the 'No Body Wants This Job' Job, which shows the first assignment for the blood-sucking bounty hunter. The creative team gave an interview about the story on the 2000AD website, you can read it here.

So below are Carlos' fantastic inks for the image, complete with trademark 'Ezquerra jaggedy bits' around her gun and back...

And his amazing coloured image, which one again proves that not only is he one of the greats of black and white artwork, he is one of the best at colouring too. Those textures are amazing, the metal, leather and skin are incredibly lifelike, just... wow! 

Durham made her debut 25 years ago (I feel old!), back in Prog 505 in the Strontium Dog tale Bitch. Here is Carlos' cover for that very prog...
This hilarious story saw Alpha and Red on a time job to protect the then president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Check out the brilliant first page, everything you need to know about the character is right there...
Those who know their Strontium Dog lore will be painfully aware that Durham's brief partnerships with Johnny followed the tragic death of his beloved Viking companion Wulf Sternhammer in the amazing Rage storyline in Prog 465, waaaagh! 

Here's a fine Durham Red Star Scan from Prog 561...

And while we're doing Star Scans, what about this beauty from Prog 553?

Finally, it simply wouldn't be a Stront flavoured post without the iconic cover of Prog 339, a real favourite of mine!

A giant sized thank you to Carlos for sending the images. This is his 93rd Prog cover, only 7 more until the magic 100!

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