Saturday 13 August 2011

Another 3riller from Clint Langley!

Justify Full
Hooooooooooooooooows that for an amazing cover? Sometimes, getting a brief from Tharg must be like being given an absolute gift. I can only imagine the joy Clint Langley must have felt when Tharg offered him money to produce a cover featuring, of all things, a freaking robotic werewolf!

The image is for Arthur Wyatt and Steve Yowell's excellent 3riller Strip 'Wolves', a tale of exoskeleton clad soldiers fighting a war against European insurgents. Below is the cover without the background, just check out the detail...
And the image with the background, the full moon eluding to the lycan nature of the mysterious robots in the story.
Thanks once again to Clint for his fantastic support of this blog and congratulations for producing such an amazing cover! Check out his site here.

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