Wednesday 1 June 2011

Alex and Nigel, Zarjaz Cover Artists!

Those Zarjaz boys are back and boy, are they back in style! They've kept to their policy of commissioning 2000AD droids to produce fantastic wraparound covers for their fine fanzines, with absolutely dazzling results. Big names cover artists of the past include Colin MacNeil, Leigh (phwooor) Gallagher, Clint Langley, PJ Holden, Richard Elson and Dave Kendall. This time we're treated covers from the brilliant Alex Ronald and the wonderful Nigel Dobbyn.

First, let's look at Alex's amazing cover for Zarjaz 12. Quite simply, it's gorgeous; if this were on a prog, it would easily bag my cover of the year (and we've had some stunners this year.) Done very much in the style of Alex's Crackdown 2 comic and his brilliant Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht tale for Wasted, it's a digital masterpiece.

If you haven't seen Alex's brilliant webcomic for Crackdown 2, you can watch part 1 of 5 here:

And finally some more of Alex's digital Dredds!

Go to Alex's blog 'Never Finished, Only Abandoned' to see more...

Next up, is the super versatile Nigel Dobbyn with this brilliant Dogbreath cover. Featuring everyone's favourite Gronk, this cracking cover proves once again that Dobbyn is the master at drawing the cute little aliens from Blas.

Here's the fantastic line work for the cover too:

Like Alex, it's been a while since we saw Nigel in the prog but he's certainly been busy while he was away. A quick look at his portfolio shows he has worked on treasures such as Billy the Cat, Sonic the Comic, Angelina Ballerina, Thunderbirds and Mr Bean. Again, it looks like the artist has developed exponentially since his previous 2000AD strips and I'd love to see him back in the mighty prog. A final image from Nigel, just to prove he is the master of Gronkdom, is this beauty...
Make your way over to the Quaequalm Blog to grab BRILLIANT wallpapers of most of the Zarjaz and Dogbreath covers to date and while you're there, order some comics, you won't be sorry!


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