Monday 20 September 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Yet another stunning cover by Jon Davis-Hunt, it's absolutely outstanding! This is for the superb story Age of the Wolf written by Alec Worley with beautiful art by Jon. The cover depicts Rowan, our plucky heroine, pursued through an eternally moonlit, snow-filled London by a pack of rabid werewolves and their as yet, unnamed leader.

Below are Jon's inks. Jon is a big fan of Katsuhiro Otomo's work, the artist responsible for Akira, so I'm sure he must have been thrilled at the prospect of drawing some bike chases of his own...
Next flat colour is added and a box to denote the 2000AD logo...
Rowen is shaded, bringing out essential detail such as the highlights in her hair, the shape of her nose and those all important cute freckles!
Crikey! The git big wolf is inked into the background!!!
And again, flat colour is added...
The wolf is staggeringly brought to life with the use of highlights and shading, a bit of saliva and some fantastic fur. The dark skies set the picture off...
Finally the finishing touches are added to bring the whole image to life - a whirling snowstorm, that cool headlight and a motion blur that brilliantly suggests a roar! Truly a classic cover!
Here's how it looks on the news stands...
Thanks yet again to Jon for being so kinds as to send the images. Remember to visit his site at here where you will find all kinds of goodies! Examples include the beautiful teaser for 'Age of the Wolf...'
This stunning page from a 'Tales of the Black Museum' story called Purgation (by Arthur Wyatt) sees a perp falling through Dredd's chilling alternative reality...
Finally this amazing spread from Tempest - brilliant!


  1. I think the black museum tale was by Arthur Wyatt (that's the City of the Damned one...)

  2. Oooops, cheers PJ. Edited that mistake away!

  3. Some fantastic drawings there.