Monday 12 April 2010

SB Davis - Damnation Station!

Introducing the cast of Al Ewing's latest creation 'Damnation Station.' The story centres on a group of commandos on the orbital space station Earth Station One. The team work for the 'Hosts,' an alien race who own our galaxy. It's the commandos' job to stop any aliens from immigrating to our solar system using any means necessary.

So, from left to right meet June Akiwara (Admin Officer), Jim Bradbury (Medic), Grandpere (the leader of the group), Brett Grayle (heartthrob actor and newest, greenest recruit of the team), Reymont and Tura (grunts) and Joe Nowhere (deputy team leader.)

Art duties will be split between the ever wonderful Simon Davis and the similarly wonderful Boo Cook. Boo has been talking about the story on his wonderful blog and gives us some sneaky peeks at a few of his panels here.

With such a talented team, I'm sure this is destined to be a classic...

Thanks to Pye for sending the cover.

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