Wednesday 24 March 2010

Prog 1676 - The Iron Maiden!

Prog 1676 saw the explosive ending of Book 3 of Ian Edginton and D'Iraeli's masterpiece, Stickleback. Over at D'Israeli's wonderful, wonderful blog he gives us a very informative and tip-filled step by step guide to how he made the wonderful cover as well as a glimpse into the goings on at Tharg's command Centre!

D'Israeli's blog is legendary, packed with wonderful annotations on his current story in the prog or fascinating tutorials and tips that will blow your mind. I can't recommend highly enough his guide to Mega-City artists or his fascinating Ezquerra brush article. A true, visionary artist in every sense of the word...

Dash there now to see how he goes from these roughs to the finished article above!

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