Sunday 20 September 2015

Dave Kendall - Game of Bones!

Creepiest cover of the year for the second year running for Dave Kendall? The esteemed artist brings his nightmarish 'Dreams of Deadworld' series to a chilling climax with this absolutely amazing cover painting for Prog 1949.

And what a cover this is! The sinister smiling super fiend surveying the horrific hellworld he has created, amazing work! Over to Dave to tell us about the creation of this petrifying portrait...

"So this is the second and final cover for Dreams of Deadworld. As Death was represented by the statue on the first cover I gave him the limelight on this one. I decided to focus in on the last couple of panels of the final strip. Death in his bony chair. I based it on the Ossuary of Sedlec and numerous other places around the world."

 The episode of Changing Rooms that finally got Laurence Llewellyn Bowen the sack.
Dave continues "As usual the process starts in the sketchbook. A few doodles and ideas.  I did think about the idea of Death in stern and straight on pose so often seen when Dredd is seated. I felt Death would look more relaxed and sinister so quickly decided on that direction to take."
Mock ups of next weeks' outrageous Daily Mail articles about Jeremy Corbyn.
 "Can I not even have a sssssshit in peaccccce!?!"
"I then decided to have a little fun in a large sketchbook and produce this version which is pretty close to the final pencils. I digitally coloured this for Tharg’s OK."
 "Ahhhh, Mr Dredd, I've been exxxxxxpecting you!" 

 "Now then, now then! Come here and I'll give you your Fix It badge..."
"Although pretty happy with this I gave the image and pencils another pass. I slightly tilted the head and generally improved the detail. This provided the basis for the final traditional painting."

Say what you like about Old Ssssyndey, he always has lovely nails. 

"It was then a matter of painting this. It went pretty smoothly and this first image is what I presented to Tharg."  
Sssssitting on the dead of the bay. 

 The logo of Damocles!
"Tharg felt this version had Death blending in too much with his chair so I was asked to make Death pop from his background.
With a few more tweaks in colour and clarity, I came up with this final version." 
"Hail to the King, baby!"
And here's how the prog looks in your Newsagent's shop, no doubt hidden behind Caravans Weekly to stop the kids from being scared! 
Death loved relaxing on the old rotting chair in front of Judge Fire...
A HUUUUGE thanks to Dave for sending the images and text. I absolutely adore this cover, a truly fitting end to a visually stunning series that has given us a fascinating glimpse into the life (or should that be death?) in Deadworld following the great purge!
Be sure to check out more of Dave's horrific masterpieces at

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