Saturday 4 August 2012

Clint Langley - Aero-pain!

A very warm welcome back to artist and friend of the blog Clint Langley! Once again, Clint has used his an amazing digital wizardry to bring us this absolutely smashing (ha!) Ichabod Azrael cover.

In the strip, the Hunter continues to pursue and murder Ichabod through history, ending his many lifetimes in as bloody a way as possible! However the time between Ichabod's many horrific deaths is accelerating, signalling the end of time itself! Can Ichabod stop the Hunter before time itself implodes?

Clint sent the dazzling inks below, just look at the detail! Fans of this picture will be interested to know that Clint returns in Prog 1800 on the ABC Warriors tale, Back to Earth.  As ever, the strip will feature Clint's mind boggling digital paintings however, much of the story is told in flashback and will be rendered in ink. I can't wait to see that!

Added to this, the stunning American Reaper returns to the Megazine too, so we'll see a lot of Mr Langley over the coming months!                                                                                                              
Smashing inks!

Below is Clint's digitally painted version which just blows my mind! The glass in the back of the Hunter's head is horrific!

And here's how it looks on your super soaraway prog!

HUGE thanks to Clint for sending the images and for his continued support of the blog! Please visit his website at Roll on Prog 1800!

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