Saturday 27 February 2010

Prog 1674 - Doktor Grobari!

Here's Clint Langley's spooktastic cover for Prog 1674 featuring terrifying Doktor Grobari! The doctor is the head of the G-Men, the police force of the Terran Government of Mars.

The Doktor is a creepy, floating, bulbous headed, winkle picker wearing freak, so one can't help but think of Reeves and Mortimer's skit of Lloyd Grossman of Masterchef! Apologies to Clint and Pat!

Also on the cover we see police chief Inspector Sturn, who has a Dredd-like chin to die for! Clint's fantastic futuristic work on ABC Warriors and his depiction of Sturn makes me really want to see him have another crack at doing a Dredd story. Imagine the image below but set in one of those Martian Cities, perfect!

Finally, I wanted to include the Star Scan from Prog 1665 last year. I loved this Amber Smuggler image of Slaine and thought it'd make a cracking cover. I am, however, a huge fan of Star Scans too and will do a feature on them in a future blog entry...Thanks yet again to Clint. Remember to visit his site here.